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Free yoga



Hi. My name is Toms and I help digital nomads and tech-savvy people to achieve peace of mind through the regular practice of yoga.

I am the Yoga Teacher who stays with You while You travel.

Free yoga means freedom to move improved over time through regular practice. ?‍♀️It also means Online Group Classes at the most affordable price. ?Β 

I am certified (RYT200) ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher with a passion to inspire people to move and explore.

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I started my yoga journey in the Spring of 2017 by regularly attending vinyasa/hatha yoga classes for over a year. Thanks to my teacher Lenka I build up a good foundation, improved on strength and flexibility. And with some initial encouragement whenever someone was willing to join me on weekends I also gave yoga classes to friends and other people – gradually starting my teaching career…

During my travels, I was introduced to rocket yoga and was immediately attracted to it! So in August 2018, I decided to commit to step by step progression and took vinyasa ashtanga yoga teacher training course, earning RYT 200 certificate. In the beginning, I was not convinced about doing the same routine over and over again, but once I actually tried it – I just fell in love with it!
Part of the certification was gathering 50h of teaching. Which I did in under one month by offering free yoga classes at parks of Barcelona. With the weather nice and warm, it proved the concept that anyone can experience yoga and the only thing really needed is willingness and act of showing up for the class. Optionally, a yoga mat or towel can be used to increase the comfort level. But that’s it!
As of January 2019, I am on move and exploring the world, but I always take yoga with me and shared it with others. I have also been exploring different yoga styles by taking classes -rocket yoga, power yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, etc.
As of January 2020, I am settled down in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I have moved away from the military discipline of ashtanga yoga. Teaching vinyasa flow, practicing power yoga.Β 

Thank you for taking your time and reading this! ?

Toms β€œAstmens” Astahovskis

P.S. Thanks to all the teachers out there – Lenka, Marco, Laia, Carson, Sandra & Sasha, Alberto, Kris …


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