Self-confidence Yoga subscription


Practice designed to bring out your self-confidence

You will boost your confidence by building a habit of a regular practice of taking care of your body.Β 

3x week you will attend lead classes to learn abundance and variety of possibilities, how to use your body, express yourself, improve your strength and flexibility.

2x week you will attend “silent” classes where you can either follow along or express yourself freely, as you notice how much you can you in your own! No distractions, just follow your breath!

How to measure self-confidence?

By noticing lack of self-confidence. how often you say “NO” to things and experiences just because you don’t feel confident or worthy of them?

By noticing how often you feel proud of yourself for trying that thing you were afraid to do, but did it anyway.


3x lead & guided classes per week

You will get a new class 3x a week (4*3*45min=9h per month or 4€/h). The theme of each class is based on a fusion of the 7-day theme and they are posted on the following days:

  • Mondays – gentle flow to release and move your emotions. Feel the movements. Preparation of the soil – body & mind. [Sun+Mon]
  • Wednesdays – active flow to empower us moving through the week. Planting the seed with emotion and giving it spark to grow.
  • Fridays – grounding flow and nurturing yoga. Building a strong foundation for our practice. Developing strong roots that will support growth and bearing fruits above. As above, so below.

2x “silent” classes per week

Create clear foundation of your yoga practice by noticing your weakness and blindspots. Learn to trust and express yourself without fear of judgment.

Practice live on Zoom 5x a week*

Join a live class Monday to Friday on Zoom 8 am UTC+0/GMT+0 (London, Canaries time). *Availability subject to weather conditions

Exclusive library of classes

With the subscription, you will get access to an exclusive library of 7-Day thematic Vinyasa yoga flow video recording classes (28x+), each one around 1h long (45-90min). The 7-day theme provides you with a variety of moods and styles to practice – adapting to your needs.

Other benefits

You will get distraction-free access to your favorite yoga. No distractions from other unrelated content, “friends feed news” or adds. When you come to yoga, you get yoga.

To keep improving and get feedback – you can send me questions anytime or a video of your practice for review (once a week).

  • Ask questionsΒ & get feedback – live
  • Practice from home
  • Check your progress
  • Join the community
  • Get Motivated

This is a perfect opportunity to work on self-confidence by practicing yoga right from the comfort of your home. In a safe place without worries about how you look or what will others think of you. There is not fitness nor fashion police here to judge you.

If you are still looking for your way of taking care of your body in a form of physical exercise then why not try yoga? Nothing to loose except for some extra kilos if you have any, right? And as you get better at it you will wonder why did you wait so long to start take care of yourself. Follow the link below if this is something that interests you.

Subscribe with confidence.

28-day money-back guarantee.

Our business is to make sure our customers are satisfied.Β 

1-click cancelation

Change of plans? Things can change, we understand that and offer you to cancel the subscription any time from the dashboard yourself with 1 click of the button.

No need to ask for permission or send any emails. Easier than to cancel a Netflix trial!

Life coaching sessions

Pay What You Can

Just starting out my coaching career. To make this service affordable to anyone who needs it.

Use the button below to book a 15min discovery chat or send us a private message.

Private Online Yoga class via Zoom

Pay What You Can

Have something specific to ask? Want to practice privately without other people looking at you? Not sure how good is your practice? Looking for some feedback? Book a private yoga class and get your answers!

108 Sun Salutation Ritual


Tired of worrying yourself to death? Have you been meaning to try that yoga thing for a while now, but never quite feel like it? Next Monday, right? Or how about claiming your power, deciding for yourself that enough is enough, and raising your energy now?

Take this opportunity to challenge your old beliefs. This ritual will challenge you mentally, emotionally, and physically and show you that you are more capable than you imagined. The fact that you are here shows that you are ready! πŸ₯°οΈ

Every year we have 4 reasons. And at the start of each of them, there is a great tradition of doing 108 Sun Salutations to celebrate the change in season and change in life. It’s like a worthy milestone to stop for a while and reassess life! It is not only an energizing, rejuvenating, and cleansing ritual. It is also a celebration to express our gratitude for providing us with light, warmth, and energy. Check the link below to book your place or just to check more details about the event.

22/99 yoga challenge

regular 34€
early bird 16€

22-day yoga challenge in 99 minutes.

This challenge is designed to get you started on your yoga journey…

Coming soon! Stay tuned!

Did not find what you were looking for? Let me know what was it! Maybe I can direct you in the right direction!Β 

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