Online Yoga monthly Subscription

regular 45€/month
early bird 30€/month

Join in online Zoom yoga classes live:

  • Ask questions live
  • Get feedback
  • Practice with others from home
  • Get accountability

Meaningful chat with Toms

regular 60€/h
early bird 30€/h
super early bird 15€/h

Welcome. I am helping digital nomads and tech savvy-people to achieve peace of mind through 1-0-1 chats.

If you have any of the following this is for you:

  • just want to be a friend 😉😅
  • want someone to talk to about something meaningful
  • really interested to keep having those powerful & insightful conversations
  • your friends are not into spirituality and self-development, they don’t understand anything you want to talk about

This is NOT for you:

  • if you have big life problems or mental issues to go to therapy or search for an appropriate specialist to help you
  • if you look for step by step guide to achieving your life goals, then search help from a coach

22/99 yoga challenge

regular 34€
early bird 16€

22-day yoga challenge in 99 minutes.

This challenge is designed to get you started on your yoga journey…

Coming soon! Stay tuned!

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