Online Yoga monthly subscription

regular 36€/month
early bird 20€/month

Daily Vinyasa yoga flow class 40-90min.

Get feedback – ask in chat or send me a video of your practice

Monthly yoga “parties” on Zoom:

  • Ask questionsΒ & get feedback – live
  • Practice with others from home
  • Check your progress

Meaningful chat with Toms

regular 60€/month
early bird 36€/month
super early bird 20€/month

Welcome. This is test to see if anyone is even remotely interested. I offer weekly Zoom chat. If you prefer it can also turn into coaching session with accountability, goal setting etc.

Just think about it if any of this resonates with you:

  • just want to be a friend πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…Β 
  • want someone to talk to about something meaningful
  • really interested to keep having those powerful & insightful conversations
  • your friends are not into spirituality and self-development, they don’t understand anything you want to talk about


22/99 yoga challenge

regular 34€
early bird 16€

22-day yoga challenge in 99 minutes.

This challenge is designed to get you started on your yoga journey…

Coming soon! Stay tuned!

Did not find what you were looking for? Let me know what was it! Maybe I can direct you in the right direction!Β 

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