Welcome! My name is TOms. I love helping leaders to manage their stress to live a more mindful life, to be more present. πŸπŸ’
I am Mindfulness & Yoga coach who believes that answer to our problems is to be present and learn to love the stress.
I love being active and spending time in nature: yoga, martial arts, hiking, exploring, gardening, foraging… I love to travel, taking photos, and discovering the marvels of this world in nature, food, different cultures, and people.Β 
I enjoy a fruit & plant-based diet. Living on a fusion between raw and cooked foods.
I enjoy mysteries of the world, science fiction, secrets, occult, mind, subconscious, symbols, and self-development.Β 
I believe in a holistic approach – building mindful relationships with our mind, body & heart. You just can’t take one out of the picture and still expect things to work.
My approach follows my own journey: first physical release, then awareness and mindfulness practice for sustainable prevention of long-term stress through observation of mind (thoughts) and heart (emotions & feelings).
I love language plays like “Be present” & “Bee present” & πŸπŸ’.


My logo is the bee. 🐝 Its homophone to β€œbe”, which implies staying present and aware, being alive. Being alive means to be happy, follow your passions and enjoy the life with gratitude. 🐝

Bees also symbolizes the wise use of nature in a sustainable way, community spirit, team effort. Taking care of others and personal power at the same time. It’s also a symbol of the sun and celebration. A balance between hard work and enjoying the fruits of the labor… honey. πŸ₯°οΈ

One more interesting fact – similar to an advanced yogi, bees can control their body temperature. Be like a bee. Be strong, consistent & stay humble. 😊

πŸπŸ’ /be present/


The storyline of Mindfulness & Yoga Coaching with TOms

Mar 2017
Yoga journey started

My First yoga experience was love from first sight!

Regular Vinyasa yoga practice averaging 6 days/week of 1h a session.

Aug 2018
Ashtanga Vinyasa YTT

Intensive 3 week Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training in Barcelona (RYT 200).

Teaching free yoga in parks of Barcelona

Oct 2018
Free yoga on the beach

Teaching yoga in Last palmas, Gran Canaria.

Daily Ashtanga Vinyasa practice.

Power Vinyasa yoga practice.

Jan 2019
Travel break

A break in ashtanga vinyasa daily practice due to sailing trips.

A transition back to Vinyasa Yoga.

Frequent, but irregular practice.

Nov 2019
Open yoga with TOms

Back to teaching yoga in Las Palmas in parks & beaches.

Power Vinyasa practice.

Mar 2020
Yoga intensive

Teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa at YogaHome

The practice of Vinyasa, Yin, Mindful, Power yoga styles, Tai Chi, dance.

Transition to online yoga classes.Β 

Yoga practice 1-3h day most days.

Dec 2020
Start of coaching

Started coaching practice.

Shame & gradual resistance to the continued practice of yoga.

Jan 2021
Downfall of Yoga practice

Stopped teaching. 

Start of the health downfall. Inflammation, leading to infection spread over a couple of months.

Yoga asana practice under 15min/day... until it gradually substituted with exercise and dropped it as well.

Frequent over eating.

Sept 2021
Return of the Yoga with TOms

Bottom of the pit. Waking up from the nightmare!

At my worst physical fitness level: with a weight under 50kg, had lost a lot of muscle weight and almost all the strength.

Messed up a diet, very little physical exercise.

End of the experiment with my wellbeing & health!

Comeback! Building back my habits, building back muscle strength.

Resume of teaching yoga.

Integration of Coaching & Yoga as same & equal