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How did I get this name?

Back in the day, I was already going by my high-school nickname β€œAstmensβ€œ.Β  However (for some reason) I could not make @Astmens Instagram account ?! I was determined to make the account so IΒ neededΒ another user name! ?

I did not want to mess it up with some meaningless numbers after or similar nonsense. After giving it some thought I wanted to fulfill the following conditions with my new user name:

  • as short and simple as possible – I like things simple ?
  • representing me and my core values ?
  • sound and look good ?
  • have a deeper meaning ?

I was really impressed by the quote: β€œBe the change”. And that was the deepest thing I could come up on the spot! ?Be the change you wish for. Be the change you want to see in the world. So it made sense to me to justΒ be the Astmens. Just to be my best self. That became the core value of the name to represent. I did some iterations of possible combinations and to my eyes most visually appealing version was @be.astmens.

That’s it! December 1, 2017 was the birthday of @be.astmens.

Ever since I have been unveiling deeper and deeper meanings from my choice… Just to list some:

  • Reference and reminder to be, stay present, power of now.
  • Be & bee are homophones! I already had a bee in my logo. How cool is that? I can build on top of all the nice bee symbolism as well! ?️I love it! Briefly on bee symbolism here.
  • Birth of the beast! Even though I could use “a dot” for my user names, website, and FB page, I could not use it for hashtags. ?I had to use #beastmens. Took me a while till I noticed the beast: #BeastMens ?
  • IMHO yoga is being present, aware. Asana is just one way of practicing presence, taking care of your physical body…

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