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Take control of your stress levels

Stress is one of the most common and most neglected causes of disease and reduction of productivity!
Partly because we actually need a bit of stress in our lives to feel alive and push us to grow. However, where it usually goes terribly wrong is deciding how much stress is still beneficial and when to say NO!
Untreated it leads to burnout (that’s 0% productivity for productivity geeks) and chronic stress causes a wide array of diseases leading to early death.
Stress is well studied and stress prevention and even coping is well known. Almost every one of us knows at least a couple of methods how to reduce it.
So why does it cause so much damage to or society? 
The answer to this question lies in our physiology and mindset. Stress is not only biochemically addictive, habitual problem, but also widely encouraged in our society.

How can I help

My studies of coaching & yoga, as well as experience over the years have provided my with holistic view for causes and tools to no only to release stress from body, but also prevent it from overwhelming us in the first place.
I work with body, mind and emotional intelligence to guarantee sustainable way of enhancing our quality of life by becoming aware of our boundaries and removing excess stress.
As a couch:
My goal is to give you a new perspective on your life and to show you your blindspots.
My goal is to lead you on the path to balanced and fulfilling life.
My goal is to help you to stop wasting your time in stress so you have more energy to live your dreams!
Does this sound like you? DM OR click the button below to book your coaching call to live a more fulfilling life!
Have a magical day!

Why coaching?

You value time, are results driven, and want to accelerate your success? Let me help you!

Coaching is a great tool providing you with:

    • 🌱 Feedback and different perspective

“You don’t know what you don’t know”

    • 🌱 Strategy – a proven recipe to get things done

“Get it scheduled get it done”

    • 🌱 Accountability to followthrough
“Time is our most valuable asset.”