Welcome dear Leaders & Achievers

You value time, results, taking action, and want to accelerate your success?
Let’s start with a WHY!
Why coaching?
    • Get there faster, save time and enjoy the journey – Time Loves Clarity (TLC)!
    • These are the top benefits you get from coaching:
      • 🌱 Time saver – faster results from focused attention, strategic planning, support, accountability …
      • 🌱 Love enhanced life – enjoying the process is the most efficient and sustainable way to work – do what you love & love what you do by investing time to explore your conscious and subconscious minds. Live with passion!
      • 🌱 Clarity sustained – clear motivation, clear purpose, a clear plan of actions to reach your goals by the commitment to answer the right questions. Clarity is power!
🌱 Time is our most valuable asset.
    • Have you thought of the benefits of mastering your Mindset & Emotional fitness?
Why mindset
    • There is an endless stream of evidence that our mind is our greatest asset – it’s our superpower. And I don’t have to tell you anything you don’t already know within.
    • I am curious, how would your life look like if you invested more in yourself?

🌱 “Whether you think you can,
or you think you can’t –
you’re right.” – Henry Ford


🌱 “People often say that motivation doesn’t last.
Well, neither does bathing –
that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar


🌱 “Thoughts become things.”

Why Emotions
    • Ok, you have the fastest car in the town. How much good does it do if you don’t have gas or don’t know how to drive it? It stays in the garage!
    • That’s where our emotions come it – that’s the driving force and our guidance system.  Don’t take my word for it! I am sure you have plenty of evidence yourself.
🌱 “Individuals who cannot master their emotions 
are ill-suited to profit from the investment process.” – Benjamin Graham
    • Is this something to be left at chance or rather worthwhile to invest in?
Path of mastery
    • The world does not stand still, it paces faster and faster each day. And you also want to not only keep up but keep on the front lines, right?
    • Luckily there are no limits, except the ones we put on ourselves – there is always the next level to get to. Is this something that you would like to be pushed toward?
Next level fitness
    • Fitness in my book is regular maintenance required to always be ready, so we don’t have to get ready. Do you exercise only when things go south or consistently? We know and take care of physical fitness. Remember, the same is true for mindset & emotions. Take control of your life to help more people and master your fitness to the next level!
Who is it for
    • As much as I love to give advice – the most efficient path to sustainable success for you is to teach you how to get there yourself. And the key is the mindset. In the right state of mind, guided by emotion, you already know everything you need to know to make the next step.
    • You already know if this sounds like you.

How to live with more passion 

Tip 1: Be present! Be fully present to your mind, body, and emotions. Just observe without the need to change, react, judge, or reject. Notice if there is something unpleasant. This is a universal cure for almost any problem – so practice it regularly so you are fit to use it when you need it!

Tip 2: Master 3 M’s. To master emotions, you can work on 3 domains – start with one and gradually add others to your toolkit!

  • Mindset focus your attention & adapt your beliefs to your outcomes aka “mind-control”
  • Motion – smile, breath, take care of posture while still, move the body frequently
  • Meaning – accept only empowering meaning to events in your life by conscious use of the language


Watch the intro video below. And schedule the first session.

What is the purpose of the call

The purpose of the call is to Empower you to get the results you desire while mastering mindset & emotional fitness skills relevant to achieve the outcome.

I use the following structure in my coaching calls:

  • compelling future – remind or set a clear vision
  • take control of your state
  • objection handling:
    • leverage – focus on reasons which will push you toward your goals
    • interrupt the pattern – anything standing between you and your goal? Yes – you! Otherwise, you would be there already, right?
    • set a new pattern that empowers you to take the action you want, getting the results & feelings you want.
  • set the plan in action and repeat these steps till the outcome has been reached!