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Start Here for Yoga

What is yoga?

  • Yoga is a label we put on the practice of living in harmony. Mind-heart-body.
  • Yoga is health and fitness for the body & mind. It’s OK to start here. I also did. Only focusing on working on the physical part of yoga is a good choice. Its a choice to focus on the most important and get results faster without the necessity to overwhelm with the length of the journey.
  • Yoga is meditation – active and passive. Whatever brings back your focus on the Self and present moment can be labeled as meditation. If going out for a run works for you, great! You are already meditating without knowing it!
  • As you live as a union you are more focused and not wasting your energy on opposing things. Subsequently, you have more energy to spend on the things you love. The practice of yoga asana prepares revitalizes you and prepares for more advanced practice off the mat.

Why should I practice yoga?

  • Practice only if you want to raise your energy: feel good about yourself, confident, aware, and generally more vital. There are a lot of other side-benefits of raising your energy levels. What else can you add?

What type of yoga do you teach, Toms?

  • Generally, I teach vinyasa yoga, vinyasa yin, and ashtanga vinyasa yoga. The class gets personalized depending on student needs as much as possible. 
  • Currently, for my subscription users I lead classes with the following 3 themes.

How can I start to practice?

  • Join my Youtube channel, where I post a new yoga class regularly or send me a message to get access to an online Zoom class! 
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays – thematical classes
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays – silent yoga classes

Why Open Air?

  • Because Air is the most powerful source of energy we have and also most under utilized! Re-vitalize yourself by doing yoga in fresh air!

Why TOms?

  • My name is Toms and (almost) every class gets opened & closed with the most powerful mantra in the universe – Om (?). Nothing but the best for you!

I already practice X…

  • Great to hear that! Then the odds are that you already are practicing a lot of things we do in yoga. With a bit of awareness added you can continue doing your practice on a whole new level! Contact me to get more info!

How much does it cost to practice with you?

  • Most group classes are offered on pay-what-you-can bases. Free or choose your price according to the value received. Enjoy!

What else should I know?

  • Smile
  • Be present – observing your breath
  • Practice balance in life (rest & be active, eat healthily, … ) 

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