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Overcome stress Series on YT

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Stress is something everyone deals with on daily bases.

Most people are getting by just fine. And most people are good with “just fine”. However, people I work with want more of life than most people settle for. We want to be on top of our game. And at this level stress management becomes an invaluable skill, that not only impacts our presence and influence but also decision-making.

Some people are not doing that well and are headed towards health issues, burnout, depression, loss of productivity, mental health problems, weight change, etc. And all of this is because there is too much stress in our lives that is not being released fast and regularly enough.

Stress management really is the shortcut to improving quality of life. If you don’t believe in it then check the popularity of stress management on social media and you will see that it is neither popular nor sexy. And then check statistics about the quality of life of the major population in the world.

I think you get the point: if you want to get what the average person gets, then you must do what the average person does. 

To get more details on how this would work for you check out my video series “Overcome stress” in collaboration with Yaha Life.

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