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Dare To Start From Scratch At End Of The Year?

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Dare To Start From Scratch At End Of The Year?
1️⃣ Shake it off to get there faster.
Yes, physical sharing is a powerful tool to release any stress and tension in the body, it also increases blood flow, makes your mind more clear, improves your mood, and snowballs into other positive side effects. Try it. This works even if you believe it does not. It is that powerful.
2️⃣ Ask: “What do I want?”
There are only 2 options here: either you will get to know what you want (want more of) or what you don’t want (less of).
In case you get stuck and think this does not work for you, then start acknowledging that you would like to know what you want! That is what you want!!! You found it! You want to know what you want.
For others, you will get what you don’t want. It’s important to flip it around and look whats the opposite of that. Check the list of opposites and ask: Would I like that?
If stuck at this step, just go to ChatGPT at tell him what you don’t want and ask to turn it into the opposite, ask for 20-30 suggestions on what you are likely to want. And then check in with a list: “What do I want?”
3️⃣ What’s the next best step to get what I want?
This is pure magic. You don’t need to know how, you don’t need to have a plan. You just need to connect with your heart and follow your intuition.
Yes, it can be something silly. Go for it.
But it also could be creating a plan. Well, no judgment here. Just do it! Even if it does not make any sense to hire a coach or join a conscious community.
If the latter is the case, I know a great coach and community to recommend. DM me and I will make the introduction. 😉
Have it magical!
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