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WTF is a Magical Life

If you are reading this article, then at some point you had this question in your mind and you got curious enough to open it to find out. Thank you!
Yes, I am a Magical Life coach, but WTF does it mean to live a magical life?
In this article, I will do my best to answer this question and the responsibilities that come with this choice. Read on.
Spoiler alert: Living magically means transmitting a message of “I am in love with my life. I just love it. It’s magical!” ā¤ļøā€šŸ”„

First things first: What is magic?

If I asked 100 people what magic is, I would get 133 different answers. So let’s get on the same page here.
What it does NOT mean
  • dark magic ( elaborate rituals, secret societies, etc.)
  • magic wand (pill) solutions to all problems
  • no effort is required for transformation
  • just make you feel good about yourself (smoke and mirrors illusion)
  • just doing affirmations and hoping for a better life without changing anything
  • following the right guru
  • waiting for a shooting star to grant you three wishes (only to realize it’s an airplane)
  • having sā‚¬x as the answer to ALL problems (it might solve some, but not all šŸ˜‰)
I’m sure we all have done some of the things on this list, hoping that it would give us what we want, right? I know I have.šŸ™‚
What it means
  • having an extraordinary experience and awe for life again and again (because you chose to do so)
  • having unexpected deep insights and awareness, feeling blown away, (because you intentionally followed a proven script and accessed an altered state of mind i.e. meditation, doing breath works, watching Netflix šŸ˜„ )
  • experiencing personal transformation faster and easier than expected (by releasing old limiting beliefs and replacing them with new decisions)
  • having things shift in your life faster than expected (by making better choices and making heart-aligned decisions)
  • working not only with the visible world (conscious) but also with the invisible (subconscious)
  • observing yourself respond with dignity in situations where in the past you lost it
  • becoming so magnetic that things you desire just come to you ( at least in one area of life šŸ˜‰ )
Yes, there are supernatural, unscientific, and unpopular methods that I use to live a magical life and help my clients to do the same.
Why do I use them? Because they are fast, fun, and functional (they actually work)!
One of those tools is using tarot cards. I use it as an inspirational tool to access the subconscious mind and get answers fast. I mean really fast, bypassing conscious mind blocks.
Other powerful tools that are helpful at times are astrology, gene keys, numerology, dream analysis, etc.
I see them as shortcuts to address what aspects of personality need to be addressed in order to get the goal desired. If you are more of a left-brain person, then look at these tools like personality tests.
And often the best path is to use NLP and hypnosis to transmit powerful messages to the subconscious mind and help the change inside out.
Why would anyone want to fight their subconscious mind, when it’s so simple to get it as your ally?

Responsibilities of a Magical Life

Living a magical life means taking full responsibility for every single aspect of your life, realizing that you created it (consciously and subconsciously) and therefore have the power to change it.
This can be a hard lesson that keeps on coming back. And you have only 2 choices here. You can either choose that you are a victim of circumstances without saying what happened to you. OR you can take your power back and find what you can change within yourself to create a reality you love living in.
It comes at the cost of practicing mindfulness to become even more aware of how you create reality around you. šŸ§˜ā€ā™€ļø
That means acknowledging there are things I don’t know and that both conscious and subconscious aspects influence my life. ā˜Æļø
And it also means seeing everything as a whole and that everything is connected. It is the ability to make that choice of finding unexpected joy in simple, everyday moments. šŸ¤
And if something goes wrong? Then living a magical life means stepping up, and connecting with heart and intuition. And from this place healing a relationship through open communication and understanding, how it was my contribution to create it in the first place.
Magical life means taking full responsibility for feeling fulfilled and alive and making choices aligned with this mission. šŸŽÆ
That means taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. It means putting self-love as a top priority with the intention of having more love to share with others.
“How” is always personal, but “what” is always based on principles of yoga – take care of your whole being holistically…. move, stretch, smile, laugh, rest, meditate, and love your life… ā¤ļø

Life coaching? Who needs that?

No one needs it in a healthy society. However, most of us don’t live in a healthy society. We don’t get guidance and mentoring from village elders, or shamans as we grow up. We don’t get invited into a rite of passage to claim our adulthood. We skip important aspects of our personal development. šŸ«£
Most of us don’t have friends who are aligned with our dreams and also interested in personal growth, so we don’t receive this support. šŸ™
Life coaching is for those who want more out of life, are not willing to settle for average, and are ready to do whatever it takes. šŸš€
Life coaching is for those who not only want to make their dreams come true but want it yesterday! It’s for those who are willing to admit they have blindspots and are not willing to let anything hold them back.
Life coaching is also for business success because often biggest business breakthrough comes from developing healthy relationships with oneself.
This goes down a chain reaction to
  • improving health,
  • loving self more,
  • allowing to love others more,
  • improving your personal relationships,
  • showing up more happy, fulfilled, confident,
  • improving your business relationships
  • and boom! šŸ’„
Your life transforms into an adventure to look forward to when you wake up.

What is coaching?

One can write books about what exactly coaching means.
In a nutshell: Coaching is allowing client to achieve their dreams and desires in a better way than they would have on their own.
If they are uncertain about what they really want then it’s reconnecting themselves to their being. It’s showing up as a loving mirror and reflecting back both good and bad in a way that is empowering.
Coaching is working with someone with such deep presence and care that they come back and say: “Coach, thank you! Wow! I feel so amazing and my life has transformed since I started working with you. “
Ready to step into a far bigger adventure than you ever imagined? šŸš€
I challenge you to comment on what is your dream in less than 3 words! šŸ’Ŗ
Have it magical!

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