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How to make the most productive decisions consistently

How to make the best decisions?

What is the key to making legendary decisions?

How do I become wildly successful?

No need to reinvent the wheel, so let’s see if someone has come up with it already and has proven it with their experience.

Let me ask the late Steve Jobs, he might have a clue…

‘Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.’ – Steve Jobs

That’s it! Have the courage to ask questions and listen to your heart and intuition.

Many spiritual beliefs emphasize that our heart is connected with God (Divine, Creator, the Universe). And to me, it makes sense that God, the Creator of this universe, might have at least a bit more awareness than I have at the moment. Hence the importance of the answer given by God in my mind ranks higher than any other source, be it my own mind, neighbor, or some well-known influencer on LinkedIn.

I’m saying all this to lay the foundation – trust in our own innate capability to find answers within, coming from our own heart and intuition. Without this belief in place, there is no reason to choose intuition over any other mental thought cruising through our mind and giving us mentally stimulating ideas.

Why is it important to understand the intuition?

Because when feeling low it is hard to follow our own best judgment unless we already have a trusted authority in place.

Why did Steve say: heart and intuition? Isn’t it the same thing?

The quick answer is, no. It’s not.

The heart is our connection with God.

But how come our heart at times leads us into suffering? Does this mean that God is evil?

I have been pondering this question for years until I came across David Hawkins’s “Map of Consciousness” which reveals, that our perception of God is a reflection of our own level of consciousness. This also explains why God has been depicted as vindictive in the Bible. Now it makes sense.

How I see it is, that God never changes, however, our perception changes based on the filter we use to observe our experience. And consciousness is that filter.

This also answers the question – should I always follow my heart?

The answer is: that it depends.

It depends on the level of your consciousness. The higher the level, the higher the likelihood that you will enjoy the place where your heart is leading you. The lower the level, the lower the chance of enjoying the journey.

How to implement it practically?

Short answer become present and bring yourself into harmony.

You do that through observation and building relationships with yourself.

At first glance, it might seem that there are quite a few things to learn. We have our gut feeling, we have our heart intuition, we have a myriad of voices within our mental mind and then we have a deep knowing from our soul.

If we zoom out a bit we realize that every single cell in our body is alive and able to receive and respond to our communication.

Then there are different levels: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, etc.

Then there are chakra systems, we have organs, limbs, blood vessels, etc.

It’s like a universe filled with moving pieces. And at times it can feel a bit overwhelming to keep track of all of this.

The good news is, that we don’t have to worry about this. The subconscious mind is taking care of all of this for us.

Unfortunately, the subconscious mind is like a sponge and can get dirty over time and might need cleaning.

And the simplest way to do that is by focusing on harmony.

Yes, all we need to do is to keep inner harmony and alignment within. And this includes being harmonious across all possible levels. Most importantly: thoughts, emotions, actions.

On a mental level, this is expressed as having clarity, focus, certainty, and inner agreement.

On an emotional level, this expresses ease, warmth, expansive flowing, and freeing feelings.

On a physical level, this is energy, vigor, and health.

These are key indicators to measure against how aligned we are.

And the key to alignment and harmony is context.

Aligned with what?

When we talk about alignment, the question arises: aligned with what?

When we talk about harmony, the question arises: in harmony with what?

To get answers to these questions, I suggest asking yourself one of the most powerful questions a person can ask:

What do I want? What do I really want? What do I dream about? What do I desire?

Once you know what you want, desire, and dream of, that is what you align to. Once you know what you want, your responsibility is to align yourself with your desire.

An important thing to remember is that harmony has different degrees and it’s not on/off switch. There is no upper or lower limit to harmony.

Basically creating harmony is
✅ building a relationship with oneself
✅ having a great relationship with self
✅ having amazing communication with oneself
✅ accepting oneself more and more each day

To engage different parts of the brain, it is very useful to use different techniques, to explore oneself
💚 meditations
💚 contemplation
💚 journaling
💚 exercise
💚 talking
💚 dream journaling
💚 etc

It is well-known that Einstein used to take breaks and remove himself from thinking about the problem to shift his state of mind and come up with creative solutions. This is an amazing way to remove the imbalance of overthinking and get creative solutions by bringing both brain hemispheres in harmony.

If you don’t know which method to use, then a simple way to choose is to simply ask: which method is the best for me right now? And listen to the answer.

Once the answer comes – accept it. And resist the urge to argue about it.

When using any of the tools, intent is very important. I suggest having intent that brings you more harmony, more self-acceptance, and fulfillment of the vision.


To make the best, most productive decisions consistently:

  1. Always keep an eye out on your present state – be present. Know your center.
  2. Know your outcome: dream, goal, vision.
  3. Align yourself to your outcome.
  4. Raise your level of consciousness to get there faster

When you don’t have time or patience to figure everything out on your own

Hire a professional

If you don’t have all the time in the world – the fastest way to get the results you want is by hiring a professional, who can facilitate the experience for you. By working 1:1 and solving your specific problems as they arise.

One of my favorite tools to access hidden blocks from the subconscious mind is by use of tarot cards in combination with hypnotic suggestions.

This is a very fast and fun way to get to mental clarity by interpreting symbolism and bypassing mental blocks and judgment.

One way how to explain why this method works is by state transference. I, as a coach show up with a high level of consciousness, and the client shows up contextually blocked in regard to his problem because too identifies with it. By the end of the session, the client raises his level of consciousness by state transference between us.

As the saying goes: it is always easier to solve other people’s problems.

And much easier, if this problem solver is a coach, trained in the facilitation of the delivery of mental clarity, shifting the state of mind, and regulating the nervous system.

DM if you have an important decision to make and you want to make it with peace of mind. (click here to contact me)

Change your environment

The environment is the fastest way to change behavior. Not everyone has the luxury to just leave their home, fly to another country, and start anew. For those people best option is to surround themselves with positive like-minded people, who join in for a common cause. 

This can be as simple as finding a hobby and hanging out with newfound friends (i.e gym, yoga, computer programming, Star Wars fan club, sports fan club.

However, the problem with this solution is that it rarely ensures that the new environment is positive and supportive. That’s why I created the Dream Accelerator for conscious leaders, who are dedicated to personal development in all areas of life and achieving their own dreams while supporting others along the way. 

Join us on the Discord channel only for a $10/month subscription. Subscribe here.

Have it magical!



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