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Live Mindfulness yoga practice in Zoom

Yoga is practice. And that’s the intention of this subscription – encourage you to focus on what’s the most important – your physical & emotional practice, as well as your energy.
My intention is to remind you to smile to generate a positive baseline of your emotional home – your default emotional state. Yes, I am still practicing this skill myself – so you will catch me in all kinds of moods! Feel free to call me out! Namaste!
My entrances to positivity are playfulness and curiosity.
Sometimes I will be focusing just on my practice because it gives you space to also have a deeper focus on your own practice at the same time. Expect silent yoga.
Sometimes I will connect with my students and give some feedback & talk because we all need reminders once in a while. Expect some tips.
Sometimes I will practice similar poses & sequences because they get the job done and are that effective! Expect repetitiveness!
Sometimes I will try something new because we all need some variety and change.
Sometimes I will challenge myself because we all love to grow. Expect to adapt your practice as you explore your limits.
Sometimes I will practice gentle and slow flow, sometimes I will practice powerful and fast-paced flow because our moods change moment to moment. Expect to accept that not everyone is on the same page as you.
During the class, I will not see you. And you might see some other students who choose to turn on their cameras.
After the class, I will spend some time answering any questions and chatting with our group.
My goal is to get you on the mat and dedicate some time to yourself. What you do on the mat is your own responsibility. I will be there for your inspiration.
Subscribe if this is the community you would like to be part of!
Subscription details:
  • 3 live yoga practices per week (Mon, Wed, Fri)
  • One-click subscription cancels – any time directly from the dashboard. No questions asked.

The price for membership is €35.00 per Month.

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