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Yoga for productivity – save time & stay efficient

For the last couple of months, I have been obsessed with the idea – how to make my yoga practice more… more productive & sustainable at the same time! How would my minimal practice look like? How will it take as little time possible, while still giving me maximum benefits?

My key discoveries based on research and personal experience:

? Regular practice over time is more worth than dense irregular one.

? Low expectations help to keep sustainable – so that any excuse against not doing it starts to sound silly

? Minimal time invested in a session – 10–20 min – it has to be so short that you can find the time no matter what, no matter how busy is your schedule.

Burnout = timeout = 0% productivity = wasted time = unsustainable

? Minimal frequency – 3x per week – that’s the magic number to still feel the effect from the last practice.

No practice = distraction = lower productivity.

? Hold the standard & celebrate victories – Always stick to the minimum, but allow yourself to push a bit more once in a while.

A celebration is the necessary feedback system to make this a habit & sustainable. Even a smile during the practice will work miracles.

I wonder, what are your thoughts on #yoga for #productivity?

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