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What is your main intention for 2022?

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As I was networking on LinkedIn I got a great question that “got me to suck” for… 9 days. Well not really stuck, just something that I avoided as it challenged me to dedicate some time I could not find till my day off.

And the question is: “what is your main intention for 2022?”

My first thought was: money! Ok, that is a good start, however, it is not very specific. Among other things, I did not like about it…

How would I like to do it? Yoga, coaching, tarot, hiking …

After asking more questions, contemplating, journaling, and asking the original question again & again, “suddenly” the answer came that felt good enough for the first steps to take…

And the answer is: “earn living and support my family by learning from the best“.

How will I do it? Well, I am already doing it! I am working and attending an Ashtanga yoga retreat and learning from the best yogis!

Next level? As Tony Robbins says – the key to success is finding people who what done it before and modeling their success! 

Who? Let’s see what can I learn and implement from Evan Carmichael!


What is your intention? Is it physical, emotional, mental, material, spiritual …?



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