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What is yoga (update)?

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What is yoga? Normally, I keep that in the back of my mind. Not today.
Each of us has a different understanding and perception of what yoga is exactly (for them).
And for a long time, I have used to ~1h long (or longer) yoga classes. I could not imagine spending any less time than that. And when I saw a video on Youtube of 10-20min yoga classes I was puzzled – how can anyone in their right mind make so short a yoga class? I just could not understand it. What’s the point of it? How can you take so much out of it without losing the value?
Now I have been experimenting with short yoga sessions for productivity and morning routines and I have to say that I have a new understanding of what yoga is. And what is more important – I am comfortable with rolling out my yoga mat even if I have only 10-20min of time to spend for practice.
Hope this makes sense. Have a magical day! ??

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