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Spring Equinox 2020 in Tenerife.

Solar events like solstices and equinoxes are good milestones that remind us to stop for the moment, reflect on life, take a different perspective, celebrate achievements. And then with fresh energy set out on a clear path to work on your goals…

After a bit of reflection of things on my To-DO list, I decided to cross one-off: I will be taking a holiday to celebrate Spring Equinox in Tenerife. So excited to finally be going there! After all those sunsets watching sun dipping into the ocean right next to Teide…

As a consequence, I will not be giving classes in Las Palmas from March 18 till 25, 2020. But not to worry, there will be plenty of classes before and after! Note that I also offer special sunrise yoga classes on AirBnb Experience.

Feel free to contact me if in doubt of my schedule! Drop me a message if you are in Tenerife during these days! Thanks!



Update: As of March 14 I have to postpone my trip due to nationvide quarantine… Check my schedule for updates! Take care!

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