Samasthiti – pause for honoring the space

Have you ever asked yourself what is the point of samasthiti? I had not, till now.
What happened was that in a Tai Chi practice I noticed that we also returned to a base position with feet together between two postures. Exactly as in ashtanga yoga – returning to samasthiti between two asanas.  Immediately I got curious: why is that so? Honestly never really paid attention to it before. It was always there and I just accepted it there as a rule.
As in nearly every problem it is almost guaranteed that someone had it before – so I did a quick search online.
The first thing I found was an article explaining that its sole purpose is to honor the pause between two asanas. Giving us time to reconnect to self, breath, body, and mind, time to concentrate.
It made perfect sense to me. Moreover, because it spoke about the familiar concept – in meditation, you would also focus on breathing and noticing pause or space between the inhale and exhale. 
Does it make sense to you? Have you heard some other explanations for samasthiti? Looking forward to hearing from you!
As always: take care, smile & be present! 

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