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Pursuit of happiness

This is a very special day! ?️

✔️Fathers day
✔️Summer Solstice
✔️Solar eclipse
✔️New Moon
✔️International Yoga day


You don’t need a reason to be happy. However today you have a long list to choose from. ?

To get to peace of mind, you need to make sure that you are in harmony with yourself. If you think that you need to do something, but don’t really feel like doing it and end up not doing it, then I can guarantee that you are not happy in this state. 

Sometimes it helps to remember that “action brings clarity”. So just start doing it despite the feeling. Usually what happens is either you realize that you really don’t want to do it and then stop. Or feelings towards the action change. Either way, you get to harmony.

Wish you a great day. ♥ Smile & Be present! ? ♥

1 thought on “Pursuit of happiness”

  1. As part of greeting for International day of Yoga a friend sent me a link to this website:
    It has a video with Sadguru from 11:00.
    Later on, he shares an interesting yogic technique. Similar to lions breath, to be done 2x 21 times.
    Notably, he demonstrated it only a couple of times. However, he did not skip the breath-hold meditation for about 1min! Message I got: meditation is the most important part of this exercise. “I don’t skip it, you should neither!”

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