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Stress relief guided breathing meditation



Whenever you feel stuck, overthinking, worried, maybe anxious, those are signs of mental stress. Under stress, we are working against our better judgment and our brain is designed to keep us there. So that’s normal if you feel strange or even scared to do that should be best for you!

Yes, you must get out of your comfort zone to break the pattern.

The good news is that I have designed a walking meditation that does it in a gentle and gradual way where you seamlessly transition from being stressed to relieved. And it uses a couple of very powerful stress relief tricks. Check the video below to learn more about it!

You will get an introduction to meditation and how to use it.

The product includes 2 types of guided walking meditation to keep you in rhythm and focused for an extended period of time.

The first one (round nr. 1) is designed to get to a neutral and balanced state between focus & relaxation by using 4:4 breathing.

The second one (round nr. 2) is designed to gently relax you deeper by 4:5 breathing.

Enjoy the walk.



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