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Power of belief and focus.

This article came as a natural response to a negative post with focus on what can destroy the immune system. My intention was to shift focus from ‘asses where the damage comes from’ to ‘taking care and strengthening’. It might seem like a small subtle change, however it is a huge impact on mindset!
I believe that an average person benefits more from positive messages giving a call to action and solution better than pointing out faults and leaving ‘the guilty guy’ on its own to come up with solutions to their problems. Here it goes…
These are the facts. However, by any means go out there and research it yourself! Knowledge is power!
? Taking care of your emotional needs strengthens the immune system.
? Living active and balances lifestyle strengthens the immune system
? Mindful consumption of water strengthens the immune system. Even water becomes toxic if consumed too much.
? Spending time outside in fresh air and daylight strengthens the immune system.
? Mindful personal hygiene strengthens the immune system. Not all bacteria is bad! You want to keep the good ones to help you!
? Eating fresh fruit and vegetables strengthens the immune system. Make this staple of your diet and most importantly enjoy it! Treat yourself with the best!
? Living in harmony with the environment strengthens the immune system.
? The belief of living a healthy lifestyle strengthens the immune system. You might have heard this in many different ways, from many different studies. Call it a placebo effect or what you want – it all comes down to belief and it works.
I.e. the biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people is belief that they are successful.Β 
To top it of here is a famous quote from Henry Ford:

β€œWhether you think you can, or you think you can’t –you’re right.”

?Β Faith, love & gratitudeΒ strengthens my immune system. What strengthens yours?

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