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Traveling and sharing

  • astmens 

Traveling is one of my passions. I love exploring and discovering new places. Even returning to same place and experiencing it in a new way… This time I was using CouchSurfing for finding similar minded… Read More »Traveling and sharing

Some Sanskrit…

  • astmens 

Namaskar Sanskrit नमस्कार (namaskāra), from नमस् (namas, “bow, obeisance”) +‎ कार (kāra, “action”). Namaskar is used for greeting. Also part of “Surya Namaskār” – Sun Salutation… Just by chance this poped up as well… Nahemah… Read More »Some Sanskrit…

Private yoga classes

I offer private yoga classes based on ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Contact me if you are interested!


Free yoga

About Hi. My name is Toms and I help digital nomads and tech-savvy people to achieve peace of mind through the regular practice of yoga. I am the Yoga Teacher who stays with You while… Read More »Free yoga