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Instant cure?

What if emotions are the cause of disease?

Today while socializing on Facebook I came across an article. And suddenly I had an idea. What if? What if the cause of the disease is in the heart of emotions? And then everything else is just an effect – poor decisions in self-care, diet, physical movements or lack thereof, etc.

What do you think: the chicken or the egg? ?

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So why instant cure? In short: Well, if the thesis is correct, then the cure of the dis-ease is ease, granted my cultivating appropriate emotional states. ?

Let me know if this makes any sense or it is just my fantasy and wishful thinking. Food for thought while boarding a plane or practicing yoga tree pose while standing in line in a Supermarket. ?

Wish you a great day where ever you are!  ♥ Smile & ? present! See you at the next one!  ♥


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