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How often and how much should I do yoga?

Hmm… What do you mean? 🤔Yoga with me or yoga in general? 😂

Short answer: practice as much or little so that you feel good doing it again tomorrow and day after that. 

Ask yourself and listen for the answer. And you will discover that you had it all along. 🤗

As for how often? I recommend doing it at least 6 days a week with varying intensity each day. Let your body be your coach. And remember, 10min x 6 in a week is better than 60min once a week.

To decide how long should be the practice each day, ask yourself: how long class will make me fit and be happy doing it? That’s exactly the time You should be investing.

Spoiler alert: over time this will change and that OK! Most important that you have your base minimum which can be and will be done every time… be it only 5 or 10min – after which you will feel better.


Wish you a great day. ♥ Smile & Be present! 🐝 Invest in self-care! ♥


P.S. Disclaimer: Answer assumes “yoga” = “yoga asana” practice. In general, you should never stop practicing the “Yoga”. 🥰️😉

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