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How is more than what

Downward facing dog
This time post is about how doing couple of sun salutes made me remember importance of focus on how instead of what!
Recently after taking meditation more seriously, I discovered how impatient I am. It was a bit of a surprise to me! The important thing is that now I know! And because it is not a good thing to keep around, this morning I decided to exercise my patience by doing just Sun Salute A (Surya Namaskar A) for as long as I can. Ended up stopping at 1h mark. So far I feel good! Let’s see what my body will tell me tomorrow…?
Doing this “train” in the beginning it was a bit boring – doing the same thing over and over again. But after a while I started paying attention of what exactly am I doing? Then I realized that even in a such simple movement as sun salute is there is so MUCH detail to pay attention to! Even starting with 2 aspects: posture hold and transition between with breath. There is a lot! Yes, for all the beginners out there, I get you, simple does not necessary mean easy! 
I confess, I should not be thinking so much during the practice. ? Thats a taks for the next practice! This time train of thought like this led me to thinking how much more important is the spirit in which you do things and how you do them, over actual thing or quantity. For example, doing just couple of conscious Sun Salutes every day can get you more benefits than mindless execution of most difficult asanas you can come up with… 
Again: how > what (how is more than what).?‍♀️
Tomorrow morning at 7am (UTC) I will be doing the same – a couple of sun salutes to warm me up for the day. Feel free to jump in and join my Sun Salute train any time and hop-off when you had enough. Live streem will be available at my Facebook page! ?For other classes check my calendar.
Take care!

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