Dream Accelerator Pro: 6 month intensive (men only)

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Welcome to the Dream Accelerator Pro, Brother!

This is a 6-month intensive coaching package designed to rocket your success with conscious, persistent action.  🚀

You are here because you don’t get the results you want as fast as you want. OR you want to get them faster than right now. In essence, you want a dream accelerator – something that will help you to get there faster.

Truth: you don’t get what you want because you are NOT doing enough of the right things.

There is no blame, just pure fact, that you are not doing the right things. And let’s get things clear…

You have enough time – everyone has the same amount of time, and some manage to allocate it well enough to get great results. That means that you can do it too.

Money is not the problem – everyone can be resourceful enough to learn to earn, borrow or get investors, i.e get money.

So why aren’t you doing the right things?

Here are the most common obstacles.

  • Believing that you don’t know WHAT to do
  • Believing that you don’t know HOW to do it
  • Not believing that you CAN do it
  • Stopping too soon because you don’t have enough energy (evidence) to continue. 

And I have been struggling for years to force myself to figure out the answers: what to do?, how to do?, when to do?, how much to do?, etc.

And once I had the answers, then I struggled to force myself to do the things that I needed to do. Now, when I look back, I see what a horrible waste of time and energy that was. And I would love to help you to avoid this struggle. 

That’s why I want to share a common pattern I found, which allowed me to just get shit done in a fast, flow-based and enjoyable way. And the key is consciousness.

Yes, consciousness comes with awareness and certainty of what needs to be done. Often it is combined with relief, that things that seemed like obstacles are now just things to do or not important to success (read: can be eliminated)

Raised consciousness also comes with more energy and will to do things, and feeling good about doing them. (see the connection below at “Map of consciousness”)

Is this something you see yourself benefiting from?

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Fast track to results

I have found that the fastest and most reliable way to solve any problem is through raising consciousness

There are 2 main ways how to do it:
    ✅ on your own
    ✅ in a group.

Obviously, the best results come when both are combined. I don’t want to be completely reliant on a group – I want to be able to raise my own consciousness. At the same time, I want to save my time with the opportunity of tapping into the group’s level of consciousness and letting it uplift me effortlessly. 
On top of that, staying alone is inefficient, because I am learning only from my own mistakes, when in a group I can learn also from other people’s mistakes and accelerate the learning process 8-fold.

map of consciousness: a guide for conscious community for legacy builders

Apart from the ability to resolve problems, raising consciousness has other important side effects. Everything just becomes much better. Life feels better, results get better, health improves, productivity increases, etc. It comes with more energy (as proven by David Hawkins, see the “Map of Consciousness”). 

Endless energy is accessible to everyone. And it does not matter what star sign you are, what is your human design profile or how many broken genes you have in your DNA. And the answer to unlimited energy is to raise your consciousness by trading your worries for deep appreciation and love. 

I believe this is an awesome trade. It is giving an opportunity to reinvest this newfound energy to accelerate the dreams and create something beautiful, like a legacy.

Raising consciousness when simplified just means to help yourself to feel better, so you can be better and do better.


I believe that every man has an instinctive desire to leave a legacy behind him. And a legacy is leaving a long-lasting impact.

However, how we choose to express this desire differs from man to man. The two most popular ones are by building a loving family and creating an impactful business. There are infinitely more ways to create an impact, some are more healthy than others. What I don’t recommend is suppressing this desire, because it leads to a lack of fulfillment, depression, and miserable life. 

We all also have an innate desire to be good, do good, continuously improve (grow), and share what we learn. And for me, it makes sense to combine these and all other needs we have (check “6 human needs”) in alignment with creating our legacy. 

What’s the opposite of that? Not having a clear direction in life, drifting, having conflicting needs, leading to a stressful and unfulfilled life. No, thanks.

6 human needs: a guide for our conscious community for legacy builders

Aligning ourselves to our legacy requires that we have a clear direction for where our legacy is. How clear is yours?


As you can see from the graph above: fulfilment requires continued growth and contribution

And when it comes to growth, I recommend having a conscious check on at least 3 following categories: health, finance, and relationships. There are many more systems out there including more categories and going into more depth, and that just serves to prove one point: we can’t expect to be fulfilled if we neglect part of our lives.

That’s why I invite you to do the following mental exercise which will take less than 47 seconds and is well worth it.

Rate your fulfillment for each category ( 1 – bad ☠️, 10 – perfect 🤩): health, finance, relationships.

health, finance, relationships: a guide for our conscious community for legacy builders

Be bold and honest with yourself. And make sure to have your numbers clear before you read on! Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is a waste of time.

If any of the scores you have are below 7 that means you are playing small. Time to wake up and start playing!?

With above 7 scores, sitting back is not an option. Today’s 7 is tomorrow’s 6. Fulfillment requires growth. So what is your next level to achieve?


who's got your back? a guide for our conscious community for legacy builders

No matter how you slice it – life is about relationships.

Quality life = quality relationships.

Are you a family man? Then family relationships are important.

Are you a businessman? Then relationships with employees, partners, and clients are important.

Want more money? Then the relationship with money is important.

What better health? The relationship with your body is important.

Want to be fulfilled? You need to contribute – that means interactions with other people, and yes, relationships. 

The most important relationship is with our Self. Why? Because it is the origin of every single other relationship we have. Hence the “Know thyself”.

Relationship with ourselves is the only relationship we can’t escape. No matter how hard we might try and ignore all the signs and diseases, it’s the one thing we can’t ignore. And why would we even try to ignore it, when we can make our mind, body, heart, and soul our greatest friend, fan, lover, and guide?

We must learn to have our own back, master our self-talk, and reprogram our subconscious mind so we are on our own side.

And what is the best way to learn all this? You guessed it – in a group of other conscious people. Because the world is our mirror and our relationships with others mirror our own relationship with ourselves.

To ensure the fastest growth, we need to get as clear as possible feedback, and it comes from having as clear as possible mirror. Makes sense? And that clarity comes with an elevated consciousness. Conscious people give conscious feedback. 

We must learn to have our own back

Conscious community

By joining the Dream Accelerator Pro program you will also get access to the whole Dream Accelerator Discord community for other inspirational leaders.

I can’t express enough the power of consciousness brought into a community. And I have seen women benefiting from this power in conscious women’s circles. And I believe men must have this magical experience of togetherness too. That’s why I created this community to harness the power of the mastermind for us men.

This sacred space is for us to come together, grow together, share, support, and challenge each other to become the best version of ourselves. 

I call this space Dream Accelerator, because that is exactly the purpose of the community, to accelerate our dreams.

It’s a dream, not a legacy, because we may not know the full picture of our legacy yet. However, we always know the direction of it. And this direction is the next dream we chose to achieve. 

Dream accelerator: a guide for our conscious community for legacy builders

Legacy is build up by series of dreams achieved and put togeather

Structure to thrive

We, men, need structure and strategy to thrive. And of course, freedom within the structure we have chosen. Balance.

This program is designed to challenge you in every aspect so you have only 2 options:
❌ either to be a quitter
✅ or step up your game.
And I know you are not a quitter!


Love for a challenge

Most men love a good challenge. And most men also don’t like losing. Unfortunately, some men instead of admitting temporary setbacks, try to hide their loss. And what a painful and humiliating experience it is, when everyone knows I lost, but I’m trying to act like everyone else lost instead. Auch. This behavior is not only damaging my reputation and self-esteem. It also is a complete waste of time, because instead of owning the failure and learning from it, all the energy goes to cover it up.

That’s why at the core of this program is the ability to admit our faults, own them, learn from them and move on.

Can you be brave enough to be told off?

Can you admit that something has to change for things to change, and that the something is you!?

What joining Dream Accelerator Pro will take away from you:

  • You will stop failing quietly without anyone knowing that you had a dream and attempted to achieve it.
  • You will stop avoiding and delaying actions that need to be taken right now!
  • You will stop blaming distractions and circumstances for why you still don’t have what you want.

Remember, you are going after something you don’t have yet. And that means a change in your life and a change in your identity. Face it, you will have to change and let go of things that worked for you in your past. And it will feel good to release what does not belong to you anymore.

This is an invitation for you to…

Join me for 6 months in the Dream Accelerator Pro INTENSIVE.

Challenge your beliefs on what is possible for you in having: great health, wealth, deep connections in relationships, and spiritual growth that makes your heart sing with joy.

Take the right actions, to get the results you want as fast as you want.

Sounds like something you want, but need more details? Write me at toms@astmens.com or leave your email address below.

For the rest of you who have already decided that money and time are never the problem and this is for you, click on the button below.

Benefits of raised consciousness

Congratulations, you got this far down the website. This means that you are committed to accelerating your dreams.

Top benefits of raised consciousness

Live in harmony, removing conflicts and drama

Feel accepted and supported within family and society

Attract soulmate to share legacy with

Earn more money without sacrificing love & passion

Energy mastery: HIGH energy levels at work, and deep sleep at night

Master flow state (peak performance) to save time and energy

Dream Accelerator; Master energy and harmony consciously

Save time with conscious decision-making

Ease of making deep and meaningful connections

Join a community of like-minded leaders each building their legacy

Do these sound like something of value in your life?

What’s your dream (or a goal) you desire to achieve within the next 6 months? 
What’s your commitment?

Your ability to achieve your dream only depend on your commitment to follow through with the right action.

And the ONLY 100% guarantee we can give you is that this program will not help you if you don’t take it.

This is for those who

    • Have a dream that is worth investing in (time, money, effort)
    • Have experienced the power of consciousness and want to multiply it in a group
    • Are committed to their dream
    • Believe in the Divine (Universe, God, Creator, Higher Forces) and in doing good for others
    • Desire to be open and receive more guidance from the Divine
    • Know that WE need to change for things to change (i.e. achieve the dream)
    • Are willing to be uncomfortable and sacrifice past patterns to ensure the change
    • Are determined to leave no stone unturned on their path to success

This is NOT for those who

    • Are NOT willing to take radical responsibility for everything in their life
    • Has NO urgency to act, and who are victim to waiting for success to just come to them
    • Are NOT willing to admit own faults and take own responsibility
    • Are looking for another program promising “10 secrets to wealth and wealth without effort”, or any other “something for nothing” scheme.
    • Need professional help (doctor, therapist, lawyer, etc.)

Meet Toms, the founder of the Dream Accelerator

Joy from sharing your gift

An important aspect of having unlimited energy is allowing yourself to express your gifts and talents. And your key superpowers are evident in your life before the age of 6. Here are mine…

As long as I can remember I had a gift of awareness and the ability to recognize a wide variety of patterns of mind and energy in others, for the simple fact that I had observed them in myself first. However, I paid little notice to that, as I believed that everyone had this gift out of the box.

I played a couple of mind-hacking tricks on myself as I grew up. One of them was inducing disgust for milk at about the age of 4. And another one was a logical conclusion and follow-up decision not to consume alcohol for the rest of my life. I am still very happy about this decision.

And finally, I always had endless energy to move (play) and talk.

Toms, Magical Life Coach, Dream Accelerator guy

Permission to be the person you want to be

One of the biggest energy drains is not allowing yourself to be who you want to be, and over time this pattern is what leads to depression.

I recognized it in my life when I took an internship in Japan for 1 year. It was a magical experience and an opportunity to finally be the person I desired to be. It was the ability to act exactly as I wanted, without anyone judging me or knowing who I was before With all excuses removed, I still found myself holding myself back. What a great eye and heart opener!

However, authenticity is not something you become once and stay there for the rest of your life. It is a lifelong journey to continuously choose who you want to be, regardless of expectations from society.

I had a choice like that after the end of this 1 year internship and coming back to my home country Latvia. I decided to live life on my terms and moved abroad, leaving behind a career as an Electronics Engineer, and hoping to become a web developer.

Over the coming years, I did a lot of traveling, volunteering, freelancing, and fell in love with yoga. Very soon I started teaching yoga. I also did more tarot readings.

Eventually, I awoke in the world of personal development and had my first coach and mentor. I was mind-blown about the insecurities I had to face to get what I wanted.

Unfortunately, it took me a while to admit that I also desired to become a coach myself. I would love to tell you that I became an over-night success after deciding that being a life coach is what I wanted. No, there was still plenty of work to do, skills to acquire, and experience to gain. And it still is never a never-ending process of growth. However, now it comes from a place of joy.


Purposeful living

I love to feel in control of my life and one of the best ways to achieve that is through living intentionally with a purpose. It gives me energy and a sense of freedom.

Hi, my name is Toms and I am a Magical Life coach. I am here to share my skills in nervous system regulation, mind control, hypnosis, coaching, subconscious mind reprogramming, and many others in one thriving community – the Dream Accelerator. This is a place where business leaders join with a common desire to shortcut unnecessary struggles and focus on resolving a few challenges that actually matter. We are leaders who want to live with passion and abundant energy in a harmonic way.

And we are passionate about sharing our gifts and talents, because we recognize, that it does not matter how great is our gift, if we don’t use it, it’s useless. Use it or lose it. Does this sound like you? 

About the Dream Accelerator Pro 6-month INTENSIVE

You will get

1:1 DAILY coaching and accountability over text/voice messages (Mon-Fri) [of value £800/month]

👉 ensure that you are doing the things you say you will do
👉 get conscious feedback over text/voice, ensuring that you commit to the right things
👉 get consistent consciousness hacks and limitation busters

Access to the Dream Accelerator Discord community with other inspirational leaders building legacies to brainstorm and network with, a place where giving and supporting others is the norm. [ priceless ]

Track progress with intake & closing forms and daily accountability answers.

6-month commitment to an intensive personal transformation journey, living on your edge and accelerating your dreams.

Money investment for the 6-month Dream Accelerator Pro INTENSIVE 

Enroll with single payment of £1,997 (£333/month) [of value £4,800.0 (£800/month)]

ONLY 8 spots left! [Feb 20, Update]

Enroll NOW, start now!

2023 was the best time to accelerate dreams, NOW is the next best time.

Because you managed to scroll down here, you are likely to have one of 2 thoughts:
🌟 Great Deal: Here is my credit card!
🌟 Great Deal, I need more info.

If you think that it’s neither of the options below and you find yourself thinking “I don’t know”.

Let me help you: you DO know, otherwise, you would not have voted with your time to explore this website.

If you think you don’t have enough time, then let me remind you that everyone has the same 24h hours today! How do you justify others achieving more than you?

The idea of waiting for future banks on the assumption that you would have more time in the future. It assumes that life will get easier at some point. What if it never does get easier? Are you willing to give up on your dreams? Or are you manning up and picking up the slack today?

If you think you don’t have enough money, then really you are doubting your own ability to make up the investment in 6 months! In half a year!? When will that change? How is that kind of thinking working for you?


In all cases: follow the steps below!

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