Dream Accelerator: brotherhood of heartfelt leaders

It’s time to step up to your dream. You know you can do it on your own, but you no longer want to be a lone wolf.

This is an invitation for you to join forces with fellow leaders who believe in combining business and spiritual growth.

Join us for 6 months in a dream accelerator. Achieve your dream and have it all: great health, outstandingย wealth, deep connections in relationships, and spiritual growth that makes your heart sing with joy.

You are committed to your mission in this world and there is nothing that can stop you. And you want to learn to do it in an easy and flow-based way. Sounds like you? Write me at toms@astmens.com or book a call below.

What you get

Support to achieve 50% business growth through holistic energy activation practices.

Integration of both business and spiritual growth in your daily life.

Improve your decision-making and performance on autopilot by switching between appropriate states of mind.

Stay calm and in control even in conflicts through active regulation of the nervous system.

Create harmonious relationships around you and remove any drama by reprogramming your subconscious mind and removing limiting beliefs.

Soulmate attraction by connecting to your deepest desires.

Heartfelt fulfillment and sense of purposeย by following your unique strategy.

Deep connection with your intuition, to find shortcuts to success.

Magnetic radiance that touches hearts.

Body image and health you love.

Feel accepted within society and family.

Identity shift tools to achieve any dream.

Deep connection with up to 7 other invested leaders taking part in this transformation.

Who this is for

  • You have a dream that is worth investing in (time, money, effort)
  • Committed to your dream
  • You must achieve both spiritual and business success
  • Believe in the Divine (Universe, God, Creator, Higher Forces)
  • Desire to be open and receive more guidance from the Divine
  • You know you need to change for things to change (i.e. achieve your dream)
  • Willing to be uncomfortable and sacrifice past patterns to ensure the change

Who this is NOT for

  • Not willing to take radical responsibility for everything in your life
  • No urgency to act, you are open to waiting for success to just come to you
  • Not willing to admit own faults (take responsibility)
  • If you need professional help (doctor, therapist, etc.)

Your investment


One-time 1-hour enrollment coaching call

Bi-weekly 30min 1:1 laser coaching session (total 12 sessions)

Daily 5min: Personalized message to keep on track with alignment with your new identity and show up fully

Group work

Daily 5min: Show up (Mon-Fri) for an accountability & coaching group over text/voice messages (answer 5 questions, ask for feedback, receive feedback)

Bi-weekly 45min: Mastermind meetings (weekday evening: time TBD, total 12 sessions)


Daily 5min: Homework: Manifestation / Introspection / Embodiment practice / Masculine energy activation

6-month commitment to personal transformation journey

Money investment is required. What is the value of achieving your dream?

The group starts inย December 2023 (get a headstart by enrolling now!)

I’m ready to take the next step

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