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Demo video of Yoga with TOms

Happy first of October!

And to celebrate the beginning of a new month I decided to make a short demo video with highlights of my most recent yoga class.

After the greeting, the class always opens and closes with mantra Om ?, which among other benefits reminds us that we are always creating something.

During the class, I encourage you to have some fun and explore your body by trying some new things and getting out of your comfort zone, keeping the smile. ?

I love animals and taking a dog for a walk is part of our daily routine. ?

You can not step into the same river twice. We are always changing and so does our practice. I accept this and offer you various options, so you can adapt the class to your needs.

Navasana – the boat pose – one of my favorites ? helping us to strengthen our core, gain more balance and stability. It becomes more important when you get older. ?

I might throw in some more advanced variation which requires some strength and flexibility. Have fun with it, take care. ?‍♀️

We all like some challenges and we finish with one of the most difficult asanas – savasana / corpse pose.

Have an awesome day!

Namaste! ?

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