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Action brings clarity

Are You master at perfectionist procrastination and overthinking before starting anything? Or just only for some specific things in your life? I know I am. Keep reading if this resonates with you!

I am too used to hearing myself asking questions like: “what if I could do something awesome right now, but I choose to do something less worthy?” Fear of not living my full potential & fear of failure are the things that have been stopping me the most. But what if I asked instead: what if I keep overthinking, end up wasting my valuable time, and don’t do anything! When compared with this alternative even doing something less exciting, like going for a morning run seems an awesome alternative, right? How about actually finishing one of the things on my list?! Sounds great to me!

Fear of not living my full potential, fear of failure are the things that stop me the most.

This morning I woke up feeling a bit overwhelmed. Lot of options, lot of things to do. Where do I start? ? I spent maybe 1/2 hour overthinking. Not to be completely wasting time I was checking out social media meanwhile.

Then I remembered. “Action brings clarity“. This encouraged me to get up and go out for a morning walk. High expectations kept me down, then I lowered them and went anyway. I expected myself to go out for 1/2 hour run, but I did not feel like it – there where other things I wanted to work on. Instead, I went for a 5min run and spent 10 more minutes walking along the beach to clear my head and mentally prepare for the day. This saved a lot of time-wasting mental energy trying to decide should I go out today or not!

When you are stuck overthinking: take a leap of faith and start doing anything. Lower your standards if necesarry!

When you are stuck overthinking: take a leap of faith and start doing anything. Lower your standards if necessary! The process of doing will bring clarity and answers! Trust yourself. And remember: no matter how far have you gone the wrong path – turn around and come back.

Let us know in the comments how are you dealing with overcoming being stuck at procrastination! 

Wish you a great day. ♥ Smile & Be present! ? Invest ♥

2 thoughts on “Action brings clarity”

  1. In the article I approached it from the viewpoint of when stuck or in doubt, then the action does bring clarity.

    However, there is another side of the coin. When you are doing too much to avoid reflection then stopping is the way to get to the solution! Ironic.

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