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7 days of week Yoga Theme

The human mind seeks certainty and a variety at the same time. To meet this need I have designed a daily Yoga theme based on values of ancient traditions. Each day of the week embodies and expresses different values and qualities, or sometimes the same qualities in different ways. For example, if on Mondays self-love is being expresses by moving slower and paying more attention to subtle movements, then Tuesdays we go to push ourselves to limits and to it showing off our power.

Over time this idea has grown and evolved into something far bigger and initially started from. It has become a holistic way of working with the whole body bit by bit. Each day putting our attention to different body parts, making sure we use the whole body and the whole body is fit. Each day exploring different energies. There are always some modalities that come easily to us and others require bit of willpower and effort. This not only helps you to discover yourself far better than you could if you only did what you like, in addition, it also allows you to remind yourself what is it that you like the most.


Monday ?

Mondayโ€™s ? Gentle yoga class with a focus on careful movements, feeling your emotions and encouraging body awareness. Class is based on

โ™ฅ forward-bends – to encourage self-acceptance, give gentle stretch to the legs and lower back

โ™ฅ twists – to discover and release stored up emotions and give a gentle massage to inner organs, helping to increase the blood flow and detox at the same time

โ™ฅ hip openings – give attention to our hip, release emotions stored here (generally long term)

The ruling planet is Moon (Its MoonDay). And the ruling sign is Cancer โ™‹. Moon ใŠŠ

Tuesday ?

Tuesdayโ€™s ?Powerful yoga class is active, more dynamic than other days enabling you to bring out that inner fire to play. ?โ€โ™€๏ธ The ruling planet is Mars and the ruling sign is Aries โ™ˆ. Element of Fire ใŠ‹

Power for me means:

1) more active & dynamic movements (Mars)

2) stubbornly holding postures longer (quality of Aries)

3) knowing your limits and finding the courage to respect your body to make progress in a sustainable way. (Fire will consume everything, take control of it!)

Wednesday ?

Wednesdayโ€™s ? Liberating yoga is focused on flow, transitions between postures. The ruling sign is Gemini โ™Š– need to experience it all, shorter holds, more variety. The ruling planet is Mercury โ˜ฟ – in charge of communication. It’s a liquid metal. Letโ€™s flow! Element of Water ใŠŒ

Thursday ?

Thursdayโ€™s ? Expansive yoga is focused on chest opening, focus on breath, deep or rapid breathing. The ruling planet is Jupiter โ™ƒ called a โ€œgas giantโ€ and known for growth, generosity, and abundance. Holding a couple of power postures reflect this aspect in todayโ€™s class. The ruling sign is Sagittarius โ™ with optimism and love for changes. Shorter holds of postures preferred today.

Interesting fact: in Japanese, kanji used for writing Thursday is โฝŠ, which means โ€œa treeโ€. Element of Wood ใŠ

Fridayโ€™s ?

Fridayโ€™s ? Balanced yoga is focused on expressing qualities of the ruling planet Venus and the ruling sign is Libra โ™Ž.

We will practice the expression of self-love with a gentle auto-massage and hip opening poses. And a balance between inhale & exhale, open and close, up and down.

In Japanese Friday is written as ้‡‘ๆ›œๆ—ฅ. First kanji ้‡‘ means gold. An element of Metal ใŠŽ (related to Yin). As in Yin yoga, we will have some longer holds than usual. 3-5 breath.

Saturdayโ€™s ?

Saturdayโ€™s ? Aligned yoga class is focused on paying attention to the form and alignment. The ruling planet is Saturn โ™„ and the ruling sign is Capricorn โ™‘ expressing love for hard work, dedication, and discipline. Therefore we bring the focus more on our shoulders today. ? Element of Earth ใŠ

Sundayโ€™s ?

Sundayโ€™s ? Playful yoga is focused on play, growth, and exploration of the body.

The ruling planet is Sun โ˜€๏ธ and the ruling sign is Leo โ™Œ. Sun ใŠ

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