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3 things to do every day

Just doing these 3 things every day can have a benefit making you feel better:

❥ be creative – engage your creativity flow

❥ initiate – put yourself out there

❥ contribute – make the world a better place

Try it out for next 7 days and come back here every evening to share your experiences! Let’s inspire each other! ?

8 thoughts on “3 things to do every day”

  1. #day1 yoga flow for creativity. greeted my neighbor for the first time. shared this post on social media

  2. #day2 creativity – a study of behavioral types while watching Garry Vee.
    initiation – welcome message to new connection on FB
    contribute – new blog post

  3. #day3
    creativity – rewriting a negative post to positive
    initiation – posting my version as a comment under the original post.
    contribute – posting my version also on my website & FB.

  4. #day4
    create – daily LI post
    initiate – wishing happy birthday to complete strangers on FB
    contribute – ordered my Youtube content into playlists for easy us

  5. #day5
    create – 2 LI posts instead of usual 1
    initiate – giving some instructions in Latvian during the yoga class to surprise my mom watching
    contribute – mentioned a couple of people under my LI post to get more exposure to both of us!

  6. #day6
    create – 2x yoga tutorials
    initiate – LI messages to new connects
    contribute – giving my best at yoga class.

  7. #day7
    create – a zoom call with my sister
    initiate – a question on a zoom call with my mentor
    contribute – my ideas and presence at a Master Mind meeting

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