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3 G’s for success: Step #1 Get the mindset to Live your dreams with passion

For a while now I have been obsessed with the question: What are the basic foundations of success?
In one word? It’s the mindset!
In 3 words? believe you can!
Quite often the most important obstacle in our lives is a belief that we will fail anyway. So we fail to even spend time to have those dreams in the first place #catch22. You can probably guess that I am talking from my own experience here.
Therefore sometimes it can be useful to just start working on a solution before actually getting to those big dreams clear… they will come as you actually invest time into looking for them. “Ask and you shall receive”.?
Anyway – remember that a step in the right direction is still a step in the right direction! For some of us, it is the start that is the most difficult.
After a lot of content consumed and reflecting on my journey over the last decade I realize that the formula will be slightly different for everyone. Why? Because everyone has their own journey and their own lessons. Yes, you can make a formula, however, you will still need to adapt it. Furthermore, I am after the biggest impact possible where ever you are! In my mind, that implies that I have to make some assumptions, right?
First, I have a belief, that if you are reading this, then most likely you are similar to me. Why? Because of the law of resonance. Why not leverage #lawofresonance, right?
Therefore I believe, what helped me the most is also most likely be the most significant breakthroughs for you. Hence, giving you the biggest impact and shortest path to Your success.
So these are the 3 most difficult and impactful lessons I have had:
#1 Growth mindset – admitting to myself that I love to learn (not comparing with what I don’t have yet).
#2 Golden rule – applying it at times of decision (not just knowing it when convenient).
#3 Guidance asking – asking for help (not doing everything on my own).
How does it look? Probably needs a bit of explanation, right? Keep in mind that even though you can fill libraries on each of these points alone, the main purpose of this article is to give focus and direction to our mind, so it guides us in alignment with our vision!

What is success?

First, let’s agree on a definition: “Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal”.
If you do not agree there is no point in continuing to read – we are not on the same page. So please, if you have different views, I encourage you to go down in the comments to share your favorite definition! I am always curious and fascinated to see different views from mine. I am looking forward to reading yours!
Now that we are on the same page we can continue!
For me personally, the way to measure my success is how much am I living my dreams with passion!
Keep in mind that your success might look a bit different. For example, instead of passion, it could be an unstoppable flow of energy, perpetual ecstasy, or gentle care and deep fulfillment. It’s natural that each of us has different drives even if we have visions aligned.

What’s the minimum I need to know to take most of these lessons? What else can be helpful to know?

#1 Growth mindset: You CAN learn anything! You best learn by trying, doing, and teaching. Start with Self!
  • Because you can only succeed or learn, failure is not possible, allowing you to take bold actions and “risk” learning fast.
#2 Golden rule: Give others what you wish given for you. Know what you want and why you want it. Make sure others receive the same emotions.
  • Because everyone is unique, it’s exciting to find the most efficient ways to deliver our wish to others so it gets received properly.
#3 Guidance asking: Ask and you shall receive, so you must ask. Also, be open to receive. Admit that you are among friends waiting to help you grow! Why hide?
  • Because most people are like you, they also love to help others to their best ability.

Will it work for me?

Yes, once you find how to meet your needs with these lessons and replace your existing ones. It’s is possible and let me demonstrate it in one possible case.
To do that I choose to use the framework of one of my favorite tools from Tony Robbins: “6 basic human needs”. A proven formula!
Let’s see how they stack up here for each of these lessons.
#1 Growth mindset
  • certainty – belief that you can learn anything gives you the certainty that over time you CAN solve any problem which might arise. It’s only a matter of time needed to learn the skill.
  • variety – because you never stop learning new things, there is always something new to discover, learn and implement in your life! How exciting is that?
  • significance – You can always specialize your knowledge to your own passions and be useful to others who have different interests and priorities! There is only so much time to learn, we all have to make those choices!
  • love / connection – Your specialized knowledge makes you valuable to others – a reason to connect and share, right? Win-win-win
  • growth – Name says it all “Growth mindset”, right? You never stop this journey for long! (sightseeing does not count, its part of the journey)
  • contribution – In my mind purpose of making connections is to contribute. And personally, I love to contribute. The more I grow, the more I can contribute, the bigger the impact I can make!
#2 Golden rule
  • certainty – You always know you did your best because you measure against how you would have been treated yourself
  • variety – As the law says – you “do onto others” / “give others”, so you don’t live in a cave alone. There are so many different people to meet. Easy to meet variety by serving others.
  • significance – Giving is a very powerful way of earning significance in eyes of self and others.
  • love / connection – Relationships are all about giving & receiving. As you give you build those connections.
  • growth – Have you noticed how rewarding is giving? The more you give, the more you want to give. Soon you realize that you get yourself on a growth path!
  • contribution – Give, give, give. If you give from your heart, you make sure it gets received, therefore making a needed contribution.
#3 Guidance asking
  • certainty – If you don’t know something yourself, you know that there is ALWAYS someone whose advice you can ask. That gives you the certainty of getting answers sooner or later. Also helps if you believe in “ask & you shall receive”.
  • variety – You can always ask someone else and get different views and answers!
  • significance – The more you ask, the better questions you learn to ask. You get significance from developing the skill of asking the best questions and getting answers faster.
  • love / connection – Asking is a form of communication and relationship. And what’s the best way to build connection – showing that you are interested, asking questions (and listening for answers)
  • growth – As you implement the answers you got, you grow. With help of others, you grow faster!
  • contribution – As you ask you make others feel significant and able to contribute to you. As you notice that you realize that asking is your way of contributing to others by giving others a chance to give. Does this make sense?
Point proved – it is possible to meet your needs even if you choose to adopt just one of the sessions. IF you apply it to your own life. ?
Thank you for taking your time to read this article and I hope that you found something useful in it for your own growth!
I am curious to know what is the most significant thing you remember after reading this post? What is that ONE thing that resonates with you the most? Share it and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Let’s start discussions!
Smile & ???

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